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  1. not true, you just have to look at the underground. Dead prez, Immortal technique, Masta Ace, and Atmophere are all amazing in thier own way

  2. Lmao I'm from the UK and honestly don't understand this random hate on the Americans, they were the one's who invented Hiphop so have some respect, just enjoy the music, Hiphop is a worldwide culture/community, no point in hating on each other for no reason.

  3. @adi29787 black thought, malik b, q-tip, phife dawg, talib kweli, mos def – klashnekoff is good, but he will never be able to touch these legends…. and that's just a handful. are you fucking kidding me with this shit? who do you think gave you hip hop? english, french, russian rappers just don't compare, but you don't see us posting that on american videos do you? get real

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