Knxwledge – blowmymnd[TWRK]_ WrapTaypes.Prt6.6_[bootleg]

Knxwledge – blowmymnd[TWRK]_ WrapTaypes.Prt6.6_[bootleg]… (Knx x Ralph Bakshi series video #2)

This channel is “retro Saturday mornings cartoons meets Underground/Good music/Comics/Adult Swim/retro Arcades/gaming consoles/Kunfu theater/anime/animation/art/etc.

Yo thanks for all the favorites, & all the comments. Special shot to my fam Jcymnt, alwayz.

I do these edits for the love of real hip hop aka quality underground, no likes, no subs, etc. Lip sync edits are basically extinct now on youtube, so its cool to see people really appreciating the ones on this channel.

(Knxwledge x Ralph Bakshi) WrapTaypes video edit. Pt 2.

All props to Knx, Juelz Santana, & Ralph Bakshi. Starring the character “Rabbit” as Juelz Santana. This is my favorite from this release. ..Lets Go!

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