Koffee Looks Back On Childhood and Early Love of Reggae Music

Koffee Looks Back On Childhood and Early Love of Reggae Music

In a Honda Backstage interview, Koffee discusses her experiences growing up in Spanish Town, Jamaica and the origins of her passion for reggae music.

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Comment (44)

  1. Weh di bloodclat rest of the video deh? A way kind a fu$k dis yah? Start fu&k mi and lef mi half way…. chu rasssssss🙄🙄🙄🙄😒😒😒😒

  2. Cruel Wurl

    Not me


    Listen to the song toast. Watch a lyrics video and tell me how many sexual references are in that song.

    Then get back to me. I'm done with this sickness

    Matter of fact here


    Heavyload, Diggy, cum in wid a force, cum in like a potion… Fill in the rest fe me nuh…, buss, bawl, glo-ry, excited, bored inna school suh mi do de road, need it…


    Koffee ain't fooling me


    Koffee just might be a transgendered boy

    And as a Jamaican u should know that the term GWAAN WID IT means LITERALLY;




  3. Big up Barbadian singer Koffee!! What an inspiration to all the young female singers in Barbados🇧🇧🇧🇧🇧🇧 Growing up in a little village called Spanish town in Bridgetown. We will continue to support your music and keep reppin Barbados 😁🇧🇧#246!!!

  4. So good to hear this. I think many people don't understand the complexity of our interior lives as Jamaicans. I grew up in Spanish just like her and I was an Adventist too! I was surprised to hear that. So proud of her. Your mummy did a good job raising you and I'm glad to see you give a nod to the influence of Adventism in your life and love of music. Nice to see this other side of Jamaican entertainment (i.e. beyond dancehall).

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