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Kojey Radical delivers something extremely special on our 3rd edition of Spotify Mad About Bars. Feels like an extremely poignant way to see out Black History Month. It really feels he bridges generations with the spirit of Moorish Delta 7, Rodney P, Hijack, Krispy 3 and Black Radical MKII. The melodic contemporary freestyle possesses so much depth to it that to listen to it once is an injustice.
Being the first platform in the UK to collaborate with the biggest streaming platform has allowed us to continue to revolutionise the concept of a freestyle. This five part special enables artists to generate a revenue from their freestyle as its exclusively out on Spotify, where they keep 100% of streaming revenue.
Traditionally the concept of a freestyle was heavily focused on mere lyricism delivered in a place that encapsulates the “ends” or the “streets”. We wanted to keep the raw nature of freestyles, no rules, no mainstream radio or label constraints just the artform in its purest nature. Yet we always wanted to evolve it from simply lyricism to illustrate that they are works of art. This is why you can hear Mad About Bars being played in all sorts of social environments from the roads to raves to radio.
DJs are like the art galleries of our culture and arguably the most important A&Rs our culture possesses. Thus merging the artist with the art gallery we strive to create an iconic showcase.
With each artist with the same wide, white space and literally allow them to use their words, their ora, their choice of producer(s) sounds to redesign this space. This is why no Mad About Bars should ever feel or look the same. We collaborated with Spotify on this 5 part series to emphasise this point and take it up a level, even the subtle addition of neon lights to help you see this artistic showcase with a bit more clarity.
Plus if all of the above is straight jazz, then simply enjoy this 5 part series because they are simply bangers!!!

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  1. Listen.. Mad About Bars "Spotify" edition won't just be about drill and that.. do you think spotify will just want some drill artists ? this spotify edition is another type of thing imo. For the strreets we'llbang the mad about bars s3 still

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