Kool Moe Dee-Pump Your Fist

Pump Your Fist


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  1. Stay Strong! Great song. Thanks for uploading. Check out my "Positive Music Vibes Radio" channel. Subscribe, shuffle, and enjoy! The message is in the music.

  2. 100% real. This reminds me of cruising DeKalb GA – Clarkston, Tucker, Green's Corner, LaVista BITD. We rolled deep. We loved it, they were some of the best days ever.

  3. keep killing yourselves raping and protecting murderers you are idiots there's people out there that want to kill us all and you're more worried about the color of your skin then the real problems in this country

  4. Footnotes: Moe Dee gives specific mention to Louis Farrakhan and Jesse Jackson on the original record sleeve. I couldn't trace the speech either, perhaps Farrakhan, but I'm guessing.

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