Kool Moe Dee – Wild Wild West

Music video by Kool Moe Dee performing Wild Wild West. (C) 1987 Sony Music Entertainment



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  1. This generation really needs music like this ..”Guns .. we don’t like to use em unless our enemies chose em.. we prefer to fight you just like a man and beat you down with our hands”

  2. Reminds me of taking the bus with my Grandma back in the 80s. Someone would always be in the back with a huge radio playing 80s rap. Great times. Miss those days.

  3. 🎙📰 Jackie Gleason & Wayne Gretzky have been nicknamed "Great." Add Kool Moe Dee to
    this exclusive list. Yes sir, the Great man on the microphone, Kool
    Moe Dee.♦👑

  4. Ça rigole pas par ici yesss merci on verra bien j'y crois pas ds leur histoire vive les Celtes tout raflé aussi
    te trompe pas de cible man
    Lilit j'sai pa ki c no interpréte Daddy

  5. The opening introduction music of this song could be used on a documentary of The Black Experience in Settling The American West. 5,000 Black Cowboys such as Jim Beckworth Edward Rose Mountain Men. Cransford Goldsby AKA Cherokee Bill, Nat Love AKA Deadwood Dick, Bill Pickett, Isaiah Dorman who died scouting with Lieutenant Colonel George A Custer at The Battle of Little Bighorn in 1876. Stagecoach Mary Fields. 2nd Lieutenant Henry Ossian Flipper. 2nd Lieutenant John Hanks Alexander. 2nd Lieutenant Charles Denton Young. Private Cathay Williams who disguised herself as a man to Served with The Buffalo Soldiers All Black US Army Units The 9th and 10th US Cavalry Regiments. The 38th 39th 40th and 41st US Infantry Regiments later consolidated into The 24th and 25th US Infantry Regiments and The Seminole Negro Indian Scouts SNIS .They were awarded 18 Medals of Honor for bravery in action.

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