KOTD – Rap Battle – Lexington vs M3ntality

KOTD – Rap Battle – Lexington vs M3ntality

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“PutYourMoneyWhereYourMouthIz” Alberta Division
Judged By: Ovabyte, Elle Dirty D, Mr Stone, IP
Hosted By: Organik


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Comment (32)

  1. That was soo harsh when Mentality dissed Whatevski for coming out the closet when he was right behind him. hahahhaaha. Ya Lex definetly took that in three with dominating the first and last round but i gotta admit Mentality 2nd round was actually pretty dope.

  2. mentalitys lines were pretty elementary but the kid is 18 and at least he could flow..

    not trying to hate but its corny seeing so many dudes who cant rap participating in these battles leagues cause they got a few jokes…..

    and respect to the attempt at expansion and the west coast but until you find battlers in bc and alberta that can at entertain to the same extent as the toronto league, maybe fall back on that for a bit….

  3. shit was decent for sure.. check out m3ntality and mcnight on myspace, these kids got some dope tracks. same can be said for lexington whatevski of course. props.

  4. wat a soft battle. Lexington is a mix between whatevski and hollohan. and not in a good way. all three of those guys have some decent lines. but lack flow and delivery.

  5. Mentality really needs to stup up his delivery. Lexinton won this with ease, The peter mansbridge comment was just insane, it was the delivery.

    This guy has the same type of style as whatevski, but Lex can actually pull off the style. This was a good battle. I'm surprised to be honest with you.

    Either way it was an alright battle.

    Lexington is very lucky he didn't get jumped for grabbing the guy…if he did that any place else he would be fucked up….hell the states would shot him.

  6. Mentality has potential, he got a nice flow. intros where stupid. whatevski got parred whilst standin right nx 2 ment. lol lex is a nutcase loool LEME GIVE U A NOOGIE! LOL

    " go back 2 makin beats on mario paint" full on boi ting! lool

  7. if lexington did that shit in other rap battle league (grabbin mentality's head n shit) he wouldve been kicked outta league
    but lexington was better

  8. M3ntality definetely can spit, he just need to came with more punchlines.
    This guy Lexigton is crazy! Hahaha, dude is mad funny and original, with some better lines he will be a big threat. Looking forward more of him.

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