KOTD – Rap Battle – Nat Select vs Scot Free

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“PutYourMoneyWhereYourMouthIz” Toronto Division
Judged By: Tek Man, DjAndre, Gully Tha Kid, Mindbender
Hosted By: Organik


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Comment (41)

  1. scott free fucked himself right at the beginning….playing the…"oh imma about to have a kid.."" congrats dude… BUT NO ONE CARES.. this is a rap battle…. but one thing he will have a lot of practice doing.. THE DISHES… cause thats the only thing i can ever see him doing good

  2. Props to Nat Select.. Scott Free had some hard rhymes just didnt seem to be on the same level as Nat was.. dope battle though and you gotta love the Kastro reference.. lmao

  3. On the real, Scot Free has got some really good lines but he almost completely lacks a charismatic, swagarized, exciting delivery. If someone else were spittin those lines the crowd woulda been reacting waaaay more. Ive never seen Nat Selects 1st two battles but im surprised from seeing his two wins thats hes only 2-2. Can't wait to see Nat Select against a more formidable opponent.

  4. You're just trying to act like a smartass when you're being nothing short of ignorant. What's wrong with having kids just out of high school if you can support them? Absolutely nothing. Just because you're 29 and don't have kids yet, doesn't give you the right to be prejudiced towards other people who are more well off than you.

  5. Did you see me express interest in that? Clearly not, I'm just saying save it for a forum where people appreciate your comments about proper parenting..like maybe not a KOTD comment board. Get it in your head and stop wasting our time. .

  6. Who are you to judge someone you don't know about their parenting; nobody want's to read that shit here, save it for a fucking Oprah forum.

    Great Battle, I dig Scott Free's unique flow and congrats to Nat for a deserved win.

  7. props to both guys, real nice battle transitioned smoothly

    props to Nat Select especially. I agree he went less with the overload of multis, and stuck with a lot of nice punches

  8. Ok guys, just to clear it up, this wasn't the last battle of the day. That would be my battle against O-z. It's definitely not one to be missed. You see MindBender behind Scot Free, not reacting to anything? Just think about what could have had him bent over laughing. That's what happened in my battle. Prepare to have your minds BLOWN and look out for it when it drops July 18.

    This was a good battle. Both of em had some good lines.

  9. better battle then i expected nats mutli game is usuly up but he never lands enough blows, not the case in this battle, he ripped it hars, both mcs did, real good battle.

  10. yeah it was a real good battle nat select had more better lines and scot had a lot just not enough. id like to see nat select battle pat stay or mosh battle scot free. those would be good battles to see.

  11. He must have just went to the dentist. Anyways here's why the punch comes up.

    If you eat gum and you don't brush your gums will start to bleed because of all the food that's stuck in between.

  12. Nat's first round was ill. I knew he was taking this battle before it ever started tho. Scot Free as a main event wasnt a good look. decent battle tho, and judges made tha proper call.

  13. hahaha I bet your from America if you dont really think someone from canada could possibly be holding a ratchet son. get over yourself son. your country aint tha only one that bangs

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