KOTD – Rap Battle – Scott Free vs Decipher

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‘PutYourMoneyWhereYourMouthIz’ Vol.16
Scott Free vs Decipher
Hosted By: Organik


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Comment (40)

  1. When I saw the battle, I felt Scott Free had a significant edge the whole time.
    Even without enthusiasm, his bars sounded like dry humor and that shit is funny.
    But I dunno, maybe it's just me.

  2. Scott's Guru line got slept on. Both even on the the lyrics and punch lines, I'ld give it to Decipher on presence. Close one though
    definitely agree with Dax and Gully about Scott Free being too laid back.

  3. @infaaredzz i dont even like dude but did you ever think maybe that "pat stay" style is just nova scotian style pat just did it really good but come to halifax scott free is right every single person has a skin fade and a tall t

  4. if scott free came with the delivery he had in the bender battle he woulda taken this. His bars were better. That 3 midges fighting in mexico scheme was dope as fuck.

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