KOTD – Rap Battle – Tantrum vs Pariah

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The next battle from the King Of The Dot Fresh Coast event CIA, features 2 vets from the West, Tantrum and Pariah, facing off against each other. This is Tantrum’s first battle in KOTD and he is looking to make his debut a sucessful one, while Pariah is looking to go 2-0. Who will take this battle?

Hosted By: Lush One, Christian818, Malathion, G-Money & Dr. Zodiak with a very special guest Ruthless Records Co-Founder Jerry Heller

Sponsored by:
The Basement 818


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  1. At least Pariah hardly ever used Asian lines…which 90% of rappers who go against Asian rappers do. Respect to that. Anyway…hard to tell who won this one…both seemed about equal.

  2. "White Devil" is racist lol
    A d any battle rapper bitching and whining about racism should just quit and never battle again.
    If they go on bout dead family memeber, going as far as digging the dead bodies up and fucking them and "killing them again," go on about fucking and killing wives and girlfriends, go on about the most disrespectful shit they can think of… then petty "racist" bars shojld… if you don't like 'em then just fuck off or if you can't? Just kill yaself
    Also, they are not only done by white people haha they just have white peo pl e getting called racist for doing what every battler does. As usual, we always get called racist by you people ;p

  3. Damn this battle was close. Instant classic cus they both knew each other and there was mad tention in the are. Tantrum came maddd deep with the personals, but was light on the clowning tip. Pariah had personals too, and only a few of his schemes went as deep as Tantrums but clowned Tantrum more on a showmanship level and the crowd felt that more. TBH, I give it to Pariah, and im SURPRISED he only came with like two legit racial bars. Both were still dope.

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