Krazy Bosnians – Krazy Bosnians


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  1. There are no gypsies in the middle east, gypsies originated in Europe from Romania and they spread throughout Europe. You get your knowledge from wiki, enough said. Your the one that supports genocide, you are the only terrorist here. Your kind is always involved in drugs and prostitution, your people are weak. Funny thing is Kurds are Aryan also, Persia and Medes were Aryan empires. I don't beleive in a superior race, just weak people.

  2. Haha you are so mad you are not even making sense. Albania is full of gypsies from Romania, don't deny your culture racist. All the Albanians I have met in my life are uneducated and uncultured like you. I know my culture and heritage, it is too bad you don't know anything about your culture.

  3. i understand a lot of things kurdish, much more than you do…. turks are originated by huns, do you have any idea how huns were like, or you are totally ignorant, when the turks were fighting against albanians (1425-1480), all the reports said that turks are black, some pf them look like black mongoloids… i think you should read more.. and something else, today everything is controlled by mafia, evan CIA is a kind of mafia….

  4. Turks were always white to begin with, the only thing that was different was the dark oily eyes they had, they originated from the Huns, which were a tribe in Asia, that assimilated in mongolian culture and society. There was a cleansing of Albanians going on in Croatia not so long ago. Also a country that immerses Mafia into their culture, does not deserve to become a country at all. If you were clever you would not speak about subjects you can't comprehend nor understand.

  5. no albanian is being hanged in croatia, croats are afraid from us, i have personal experience, and for your info the albanian mafia control croatia, evan the croatian primeministre had affairs with the albanian mafia kurdish.if an albanian is killed he will take 10 enemies down with him, and if you were clever you would not speak about albanians, because almost everyone in balcans hate turkey, despite the political aliances, have you noticed the turks are becoming whiter??? why kurdish, think…

  6. eyy gypsy kurdish for me is unacceptable for a nigger like you to be racist, it is a parody hahahahah, the whole world has gone mad, maybe you dark people are inspired from obama, hahahahahaha. Of what i know all kurdish are dark, like arabs and turks, the same shit, and for that just make the comparison of aryan albanians and gypsy kurds, just search kurdish and albanians and watch the images hahahahaha, noe i understand your hate, the albanian-turkish alliance,the bosnians have an alliance too

  7. I live in neighborhood filled with Slavic people,including Serbians,Croatians, and Bosnians.The Serbians and Croatians resemble a Romanic culture,while the Bosnians have an Islamic culture,due to Ottoman assimilation.But Albanians, have a mix, you see the Albanians I met had dark skin,and they always called each other "niggas", they were very very ignorant.One of them had been living in America for 12 years, and still did not know the language.I have seen the Albanian culture,I am not impressed.

  8. i just noticed your comments about the gypsy-kurdish culuture, you will be always dark and slaves, it is in your DNA!!!! And gypsy do not say to thew others gypsy when you are from middle east, and when you are dark, it is hyprocisy gypsy from middle east…. for your info, serbians are not kissing bosnian feets, you are too ignorant, serbs control 40% of bosnia, get info, read a lot and than talk about the white balcan cultures,i forgot you do not exist so you can't talk gypsy, and you are dark

  9. There are 50 million Kurds worldwide, one portion of Kurdistan could take out a weak Albania. As an added bonus most of you Albanian Gypsies rely on dancing, and prostitution rather than education. It is a sad day in Albania.

  10. All Kurds are white, maybe some have a darker complexion then others, but that is because of the heat in parts of Iraq, and even then we are not that dark. Albanians on the other hand are very dark, they resemble Brazilians, have your people been there too? Bwahaha. I had some Albanians living on the first of my apartment, they were brown, all the Bosnians and Croats hated them, they would not even look them in the eye. I was the only to become friends with them, when no one else would.

  11. You are kurds, arabian shit, the same dark people as turks, descendants of sumerians hahahaha, ok this region was conquered by 15 different empires and you think you have a relation with them hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, however they were gypsies too!!! A dark kurdish is speaking about white albanians, since when have you started talk about albanians hahahahaha, i am curious to know about your gypsy nature….

  12. Haha, you are getting offended,now your anger is making you sound really stupid. I am enjoying this very much. Kurds have a completly seperate culture from the Turks, Iranis and Arabs.Also we speak a completly different language,not like Albanians though since your gypsies,your language contains words from all parts of the world, you have no country of origin except for Romania maybe.You are thinking of the Turks as Mongolians.Also they are not descendents of Mongolians, they come from the Huns.

  13. You don't offend me, my people have been there since the Sumerians. If you are too stupid to realize that, I wouldn't be suprised your an Albanian Gypsy. Kurds are 50 million strong, can you say the same about your people?

  14. you gypsy, i offend you because you are too ignorant, you moron, you do not evan exist and you speak about others, moron, care about you people because you are dying too fast, te qifsha robt, jevgjit mongolie

  15. how dare you fucked dark race, Jesus Christ!!!! How dare you mongoloid and fucked dark race speak about albanians, you kurdish-turkish-iranian-mongolian shit, you don't fucking know what you are an ignorant dark arabian gypsy kurdish comes and speaks about albanians hahahahahahah, what the fuck are you kurdish arabian, a dark race, like turks, an arabian fucked race, how dare you to say thieving culture to the albanian culture, you ignorant mongolian, go and clean your skin kurdish gypsy, my God

  16. You Romani Gypsy Albanians are into rape aren't you? You will never see this evil in a Kurd. Your genocidal antics and thieving culture will remain distant you parasite.

  17. The only Gypsies I have ever heard of live in Albania,and most of the Slavic areas of Europe,they all migrated from Romania.Kurds have been there before the Turks.We are descendents of the people of Medes,which was a land mass near Persia.Our culture and language is almost as old as the Sumerian language.The word Kur,meant mountain in Sumerian,and we Kurds have been living in the Zagros and the rest of the Mountains in and near Southern Turkey.All Slavic languages are the same,why differentiate?

  18. Of course I have brothers and sisters, in Iran, Turkey, Syria, and Iraq. We are all united as one. Its too bad Serbia had to commit genocide on the Bosniaks, now they are kissing the Bosnian's feet. I don't support any Slavic governments, they are all filled with Mafia. The gypsy Albanians are puppets of Turkey anyways, they don't matter.

  19. I hate turkish too, my grandfathers have fought in mountains against turks and we have killled a lot of them. SS Scanderbeg Division killled more than 50,000 serbs!!! However do not forget that today's turkey is composses by a lot of kurdish and bosniaks, you have brothers there…. I hope than turkey will be destroyed one day…

  20. its funny how the conversations below have absoloutely nothin to do with the song. If u wanna argue about war, religion, race and ethnicity then go do it somewhere else b/c it has nothin to do with a song called krazy bosnians haha

  21. @Wtown06tt Not all Bosnians are muslim. "white europe"? Bosnians are white so what the fuck are you talking about. The only dark colored people i can think of that live near there are Albanians.

  22. If you consider RAP an ART… and pull it off without cussing, degrading others… and make it actually uplifting… only than should you use term BOSNIAN.

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