KRS-One Freestyle on Funkmaster Flex (1997)

KRS-One – Funkmaster Flex Freestyle (1997)

KRS One Freestyle on Hot 97.


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  1. YAHWEH'S HOUSE IS RE-ESTABLISHED, AND IT'S HERE TO STAY!!! DEU.12:5-6 The Scriptures revealed that 4/5 of the earth population will be wiped out . When we do the math, around two billions will be saved. Whom so ever that take heed to the next paragraph will be included in the latter number. Yahweh's House (The Seventh Lamp) is revealing Yahweh's Truth in the Last Days, so Satan and the gods power of deception is diminishing. There is only One Way to Salvation and that is through repentance and conversion. In that way, only, will you have Right to the Tree of Life that Satan and her false prophets have cut mankind off from for almost 6000 years. Promised Protection and Blessings come with service to Yahweh. Isayah 2:2-4 ; Macahyah 4:1-4 and Hebrew 1:1-4. May Yahweh bless your understanding. Love, True Love

  2. Flat out awesome! KRS-One is smart; his rap about the age ending and not the world is on point with my beliefs. Had I heard this in 1997 it would have sounded fresh, but I would have been lost. He understands zodiac signs much better than I do. Some guy was saying something to me about the age of the water bearer. I will have to put that on the shelf for now. Thanks for the upload!

  3. Congratulations…………….you've JUST made the stupidest comment ever on YOUTUBE…………..mama would be proud son !!!!!

    4 bar fuck-up in a 25 min FREE and you reckon that = no keys in the igninition…….no WONDER you never made it fam hahahaha………….even MJ has easyier standards to live up to

  4. DAMN IT KRiS!!!!! This is the 1st time I eva heard dude do this… SMH… :(…. "I can any time on the spot rhyme.." Flex showed you up homie or you froze…. Damn mannnn…. This is a let down homie… Everybody has off days but this day was like taking the key out of the ignition…

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