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Comment (46)

  1. He’s not racist just he targets all illegals. Unfortunately the people who hunt them down don’t go for white people mostly. Look at the stats but at the same time there is more of an abundance of colored illegals. Take it how you want it anti immigrant or not just had to point that out lol. Best channel on YouTube

  2. My Christmas day. .merry Christmas special dad's an everyone in huglife. .big Cyprus hugs .to one an all. .loved this what a lovely gift Christmas me. .have a fabulous day. .love you loads an loads god bless x huglife planet breakdown x

  3. Can I also ask, is anyone better than King Los right now. I’m not including greats who are my age (40) or older, I think Nas is the best ever, for the Stan’s I’ll mention Em’s second on my list… but anyway I’m not saying he’s them or jay or Black Thought or 3 stacks or anything, but I would definitely say he’s better than Cole to me and, well Kendrick’s a hard one for me.. he has some of the best writing I’ve seen in my life but I also think he gets a “it’s K Dot so it must be great” type pass to often also.. I’m going to do it, yes to me of the rappers in their prime I guess u could say, or that are in their 20’s and 30’s, to me King los is the best we got right now 🙂

  4. I don't understand how anyone watching your videos could hit dislike. Must of fat fingered & hit it by mistake. In my opinion you 2 are the best to ever do this. Keep grinding fellas….Happy Holidays

  5. Merry Christmas, when you get back do some King Los for your man… he’s been my favorite rapper for some time now and the only I’ve seen live besides NF who I took my son to see. Not that I don’t like NF I do he’s dope, super dope, but he’s become my “kids are in the car” rapper.. I don’t know why I pointed that out, anyway, King Los I will say to me is doper and I want to see some more of him on this channel..

  6. Jeez this hits hard in this day and age 😢, it’s Xmas morning here in the uk , my bro and his gf have 5 children and every time they get on top of things something always happens to set them back, last night [Xmas eve] my bro went to pick some presents up what they’d hidden at his mum in laws , on the way home his car started to bellow with smoke so him and my nephew quickly got out of the car but within seconds flames had appeared, he managed to get some of the presents out of the car but unfortunately not all of them within minutes the car was just a burnt out shell but luckily my bro and nephew are uninjured but now they are without all the kids presents and no car… my bro works 6 long days a week but financially they never seem to catch a break 😢, great reaction and I loved the story about the juice in the hood.. I swear these governments cannot be trusted.. none of them can ❤️❤️🇬🇧🇬🇧….. forgot to say the fire services said the car had an electrical fault 💔💔

  7. (Sighs) This song hits hard and speaks nothing but facts. That tight rope comes with a noose that seems to tighten at the same time you start slipping. Good luck everyone, and merry Christmas. Hope it all goes wonderful for you all, and be sure to tell your family you love them as you never know if this will be the last Christmas you have with them.

  8. What people don’t understand is it’s not the rich that caused this. It’s the government. Us in the middle class struggle because government assistance gives the so called “poor” everything without having to work and the wealthy will be fine regardless, so the middle class shrinks. A millionaire who owns a coffee shop isn’t the problem. Your government is. My wife and I barely scrape by but just because we make 50$ over the income limit we don’t get the fancy housing that government and your taxes pay for. Yet we are told if one of us quit work we could get it. That’s fucked up. That’s the real problem

  9. Imagine an album with Em, Royce and Crooked. Why is Crooked so under viewed??? His rap style is amongst my favourite styles. I just think them 3 would knock everyone out the game.

  10. The deal about Mexicans have nothing to do with racism. Illegal immigrants shouldn't be allowed. They need to come here legally. I'm all for legal immigration so they become a part of the system and pay their way just like citizens by birth. The president is only removing and keeping out illegals. He may have some racist tendencies I'm not going to talk for him. The media is way too bias they put out fake stories or twist stories or things people say in order to push their angle. A lot of ignorant people out there who just believe everything someone tells them especially in media or on the internet.

  11. Trump isn’t treating Mexicans bad. He’s treating illegals bad. There’s a fucking difference. My friend down the street lost his job and can’t take care of his family because the illegals took his job. Working for just a few bucks an hour. It’s bullshit. Trump is just trying help us and give us jobs.

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