KZ – Diulama ft. E1guan

underground R n B

香港地下說唱 facebook group

原曲”Dilemma” :

KZ – 紅日

陸永 – 我要打多支 ft. KZ



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Comment (32)

  1. hiphop is not a trend, its more like a lifestyle I should say.
    whatever the case maybe, this song is far from real hardcore hiphop/rap mang…
    it doesnt really matter whether people are makin fun outta it. Aye… I mean it's all good as long as some dudes can laugh the fuckin ass outta it.
    its all good mang. its fun though. Hong Kong ain't and won't be a place for hiphop period.
    I ain't tryin' to disrespect nobody. The bottom line is this shit does make people laugh.

  2. @EpicHotCheese They're making fun of the MV with some profanity and how it doesn't sense. Quite funny they weren't singing seriously.

  3. 聽聞youtube同fb有scanner check聲帶同片,

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