“LA TA MA TA” Brijesh Shrestha X Manas Ghale (Official Video)

Artists: Brijesh Shrestha X Manas Ghale (Official Video)
Beats/Mix/Mastered: Brijesh Shrestha (Ness Studios)
Camera / Direction : Manas Ghale
Compose : Brijesh Shrestha
Edit : Nessstudio

Special Thanks : Dubai Nepal Rocks

To give us feedback and follow us :

NESS studio : https://www.facebook.com/Ness-Studios…

Brijesh Shrestha : https://www.facebook.com/brijesh.stha
INSTA : @brijeshshresthaofficial

Manas Ghale : https://www.facebook.com/manasghale

©: NESS studio 2018


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Comment (45)

  1. "Lyrics"
    Dherai Natak Parna Malai Aaudaina
    J SUkai Vanos Malai Baal Chaina
    Haters Harulai Mero Maan Ma Thau Chaina
    Ma Afno Dhunn Ma Hunxu Mero Taal Chaina *2

    i Say It Move Coz
    Coz I dont like ya
    coz maile j gare pani afnai lagi ho * 2

    "Rap Part"
    La ta ma Ta aba microphone ma lata pata
    Beat sunna saath mero mukh lai huncha chata pata
    Mind natamastak, Rhyme ra-ta-ta-ta
    Chatta para bike ma sarara , lets ride motherfuckers

    welcome to the nepside, you know thats the best side

    southside to the north, east to the west side
    lets ride , somewhere away from this stressed life
    and get high, so we can see the pain , fade by…..
    uh, thats why
    Im back baby ,together with ness on this motherfuckin track. baby
    Back in the booth, back with the groove,
    rapping for you , baby
    Crackin these fools, jackin their jewels, trappin for you , baby

    Malai Baal Chaina
    Malai k ko Taal Chaina

    Ghintan ghintan madala bajai gayedeula
    Rap syaap j vayeni ne Hanideula
    vanne haru le j sukai vanos
    ma afnai dhun ma hunxu mero taal chaina

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