Lady Leshurr – New Freezer -REACTION

NEW PO. BOX. 120043 ST ALBANS NY 11412



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  1. J rizzle my brudda hows tricks . Lady Lesherr , Amplify dot and Roxxxan is fcking lit ! . But Lady Lesherr is the No 1 female mc in the U.K imo this is cold ❄ you get me ! Black Panther & 3am in Brum & R.i.P a diss to her ex paigey cakey are straight up heat her wordplay is insane . O yeah Aitch got a new track out "wait" & You got to react to Digga D mad about bars Kenny allstar he is the real deal believe me ! .. stay blessed my G I'm out deuces .. 🧢📿✌

  2. Hey JRIZZLE! Could you do a reaction video for Merkules- Save us ft Snak The Ripper please good sir? If you havent already.. Thanks man! Keep up the good work! Get your lighter ready on this one… PEACE!

  3. Hi I’m coming from a live. 👍🏽And i am loving u, hope that u can love me back‼️‼️ It would really help me out. If u do support me plz comment and like one of my videos so YouTube doesn’t flag u as a spam supporter on my channel and remove u. 😕🥰😊I have liked and also commented and watched one of your videos 😇😂so hope that u can doing the same for one of my videos.💘💖 And support me as well💝💝💝💝

  4. Yo j rizzle react to tiny boost streets calling and tiny boost 2 days and tiny boost corners listen to some real rap not this wack shit people been putting you on

  5. HAHAHAHAHHAHA you give me so much joke. SUBBED! Also the fact that you keep rewinding i know must be pissing off a lot of these reaction dictators in the comments which makes me even happier lol. Love the channel. Keep it up my G.

  6. Hey bro last month I did a link up tv free style check it out g just type up T roadz link up tv behind bars I should come up I did it last Month bro and sorry for texting on. My cousins account I will be having my own very soon managed by my manager

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