Lady Luck Freestyles on Flex | #Freestyle038

The SheGod hailing from NJ makes a long over due appearance on Funk Flex! She’S back on the HOT 97 air waves like she never left!

FACEBOOK: #funkflexfreestyle


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  1. My flow is superb and splendid. Lady luck ran out that's why def jam dropped her like a bad habit. Talking about you a queen but aren't fit to wear the crown. Your bars are below average and unbearable. My rhymes hit harder than rugby. Lyrically my rhymes come from somewhere beyond cyberspace. I'm different I walked off a broken leg. Rascism is everywhere ppl hide it well I see through the hate. My wordplay is extraordinary you just extremely ordinary on a m.i.c.

  2. I'm late but I see her getting a lot of hate about the phone. If you notice flex she was gonna spit bars and that's what she did. Blame the goofy who put it on here labeling it a freestyle.

  3. Funk Flex WTH !!!
    This is not a freestyle come on man. Luck been had bars but maybe I'm too old school but I thought freestyles come off the dome not write them on the phone then spit em this a hip hop violation.
    I'm surprised at you Flex for co-signing this.

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