Laura Stylez & Kast One talk HipHop in Malaysia w/ Joe Flizzow



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  1. my boy just told me about joe flizzow mentioning me in this interview at 7:04. crazy! i had no idea i was one of the first hip hop artists to rock in malaysia and it was thru my boy joe flizzow. i m honored!

  2. Too Phat was (and still is) one of the most influential hip hop acts in Southeast Asia. They had influenced a generation of local hip hop enthusiasts back in the late 90s/mid-2000s. A lot of the new rappers around here (from 2010 onwards) were influenced by them. Obviously they werent the only acts (we got Poetic Ammo, Reefa, The Rebel Scum and Naughty Max amongst others) but they are arguably one of the biggest, if not the biggest, contributor of hip hop growth in this region.

    Long Live Too Phat

  3. I don't think the Americans have any idea how HUGE "Too Phat" was (and still is for some). Their importance as a hip hop group coming up in Southeast Asia, the impact they've made and such an influence for the kids especially from the 90's.

    Nevertheless, this is monumental. Shout outs to Laura, Kast One, Joe and Malique.

  4. As a Malaysian, im proud to see our biggest hip hop icon is recognized by one of the reputable hip hop radio label in the whole world! Bigs up for Hot 97! JOE FLIZZOW! PEACE!

  5. my head… adore you much Joe Flizzow … idk who/what those two but !whoah! … been called 'major' o 'gold' ? heaven knows only hard working determined person deserved that. many out there really bt stay original being your good self (Malaysian) that impressive my man lol wish you only d best aamiin 🌺🍀

  6. damn! its amazing to see joe flizzow on here.. been a fan since his too phat days and im not even malaysian. dude is a pioneer for asian thr hiphop scene

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