Lawriii Craic – 6AM (Official Music Video) 4K

Lawriii Craic returns to IRM TV with an absolute banger !

Lawriii Craic – @lawriiicraic

Directed and Edited by SHOOK1

Mixed and Mastered by Medulla Productions


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Comment (47)

  1. Lawrii, this is fire, back draft off this one lightning the scene up.. Spinning your shit in Waterford.. Illnesses that can't be cured..

  2. I’m always lost as to how You’re relatively unknown, because your tunes are 🔥
    “Patience” was the first of your tracks that I heard and your songs have been on my playlist ever since 👌😂

  3. Get up outta that bullshit
    wake the fuck up
    Turn the bass the fuck up!
    Til it breaks the fuck up
    Tell your mates to fuck up
    Hit the brakes and get the fuck out
    Right now, right now.

    Lessons. Every bar of this is fire. Next to blow 💯

  4. Beast mode enabled

    Definitely glad I've spent years listening to rap far away from my neck of the woods… this might be the hardest song I've heard from Ireland yet.

  5. Sick chune, but tone down the adlibs and echoes. The bars would sound harder without them and wouldn't take away from the sick beat as well.

  6. It's Lawriii, Lawriii, Lawriii Craic.

    Instant anthem, got an incredible gift for writing a banger dude. Been telling anyone who'll listen to check out your stuff, yet to find anyone who doesn't like it.

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