Lazy sunday afternoon – [Cozy] lofi hip hop mix

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[00:00] elijah who – we used to talk every night
[01:50] KEEM.THE.CIPHER – [BLOSSOM.] w/ sugi.wa
[03:54] south.vibe – campo [31.1]
[05:34] elijah who – this girl
[07:46] chief. – no mail today
[09:30] Hazy Year – early thinkin
[12:02] aimless – we’ll go to the beach
[13:02] Mittensさん – tired of love.
[15:30] Hazy Year – quit asking me for sandwiches
[17:40] fragile 💤 – untitled
[18:54] charlie toØ human – The true meaning of life
[20:40] saiko – wun 4 dilla
[22:05] sl.drft – interpol
[23:45] BLVK. – withu

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Comment (36)

  1. school's almost over so I won't be able to see my friends in 7 more days, i can only text. only time I'll see them is if I throw a party. The song gives me good vibes, and the fact I don't get to see my friends anymore is even sadder, I've know my bestfriend for 2 years, and I've been in that school for 6 years, life sucks man. Memes is all I got left.

  2. I love this. It makes me feel so good inside like I’m all warm and safe, it just makes me feel so productive too, I could listen to this while reading or something

  3. A few days ago, I studied hard while listening this songs beacuse of midterm season. But It's finally over yesterday. So I am listening this while laying on the bed in the afternoon. I'm so happy:D

  4. If it's raining outside of your house, I have an idea: Put some lofi hip hop on and stare outside of the window. I think it creates a comfortable or cozy or calming atmosphere. You don't have to try it.

  5. I've now listened to this frequently for two years. This comment probably won't get noticed. But this has always been my default to conflict resolution.

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