Lệ Thu – Sao Biển (Etoile Des Neiges) (Starfish) || VietSoulRock

Lệ Thu -[8]- Sao Biển (Etoile Des Neiges) (Starfish)

Saigon Rock & Soul: Vietnamese Classic Tracks 1968-1974

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  1. I remember my mom used to play this song a lot when I was younger. I accidentally stumbled across this song a few months ago and just confirmed that this was the same song she used to play a lot. Thank you for uploading this.

  2. This song is not Sao Biển and it's not singer Lệ Thu. It's Hoàng Oanh singing a different song than Sao Biển. Please correct it! Awesome music!! Thank you!!!!

  3. This song's name is "Ngày sau sẽ ra sao" in Vietnamese, means "How will the future be?", composed by Van Tung and sung by Mrs. Hoang Oanh. She has been a very famous singer of Saigon in the pass and now.

  4.  Wow took me forever to find this… heard a 20 second clip in the background of a podcast about wandering souls of the vietnam war… all these songs on this album are amazing. Like omar lopez with indie rock sensibilities. Makes me want to go play some guitar… god damn.

  5. this album is mislabeled and does NOT mean STARFISH, and its sang by Hoang Oanh. It roughly translates to "How will Tommorrow Turn Out?"

    here she is at minute marker 2:20 singing it again years later:
    youtube search: Liên khúc Chuyện chúng mình & Ngày sau sẽ ra sao

  6. FANTAAAAAASTIC !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOWWW
    where is kind of music and musicians today ????????????
    it is like 日本-JAPAN in the 60-70 `s
    a musician

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