Leaf Dog – Good Times Feat. Dabbla (AUDIO)

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‘Good Times’ featuring Dabbla is lifted from Leaf Dog’s second solo album ‘Dyslexic Disciple’ OUT NOW on High Focus Records on limited edition vinyl, CD, limited edition cassette tape & digital!

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  1. Sorry for the spam.
     I am a 17 year old rapper from Brighton with learning disabilities trying to make it in the music business and get a new sound out in the hiphop/grime world that haven't been heard before. If you want to, could you take time out of your day to maybe leave a comment on my content and a like if you enjoyed.
    Would be appreciated!

  2. dope shit. Leaf always brings the heat and he keeps getting better every verse I hear I swear. This dude Dabbla is ill as well. NEVER thought that someone could match Leaf on a joint that wasn't an 🦉. Dabbla shinin bright on this with Leaf. Mad respect from CA ☮️ bumpin that UK 🔥 all over town. ppl always break neck.

  3. Yo leaf, if you'd ever made a collab with Het Verzet from the netherlands my life would be complete. A member of het verzet named blabbermouf did a featuring with res one, but I need one with you on that shit.

  4. I remeber when Leaf dropped Glass Eye and that reflected exactly how I felt at the time, 'things seemed better when I was looking back'.
    Now things are finally looking up and its Good times lol

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