Leaf Dog – Today

Learn how to rap like the pros

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In anticipation of the long awaited ‘Dyslexic Disciple’ album, Leaf Dog returns with his 3rd cut from the project ‘Today’ produced by Leaf Dog himself. There are only 500 copies of this limited edition 7″ vinyl, never to be repressed. These are going to fly out, get yours now to avoid disappointment!

Video by Ed Keeble

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Comment (48)

  1. Doin the same thing. Slappin Leaf rollin a leaf.
    Gettin hella high, I swear I don't need my feet, I swear approaching my peak, fly circles around this beat. 🔥💣💥

  2. Is he Tryna get high or is he tryna get cancer? Don't get me wrong even I make joints with a little bit of bud in, normally I make 4 joints out of 1 gram. But damn, this dude put in so much tobacco though. Guess you just like the taste of extra tobacco and good video and song though.. Not a huge fan of the accent though, honestly don't understand a word ya saying. But it's still good.

  3. every single part of this annoyed me with its wackness. except the sunset, thats nice. but the wine, the unusable weed box, the plastic grinder, the 80% tobaki spliff, the crap wine, the sherry glass, the bad record player, the wack rap, the wacker beat but most of all, that someone put this out on vinyl…wtf

  4. I saw four owls perform live. But any time leaf dog performs this song its incredible; real lyrics and powerful boom bap beat. This song is meaningful.

  5. Παντως οταν το προσπαθω εγω για μπαλκονι,φυσαει και παιρνει τα χαρτακια😛

  6. Today. I'ma actually gunna start living it like it's my last. To worried about my future. When we all just gotta sit back once in a while. Nd number shit like this aha.

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