Lee Scott – Happy Chachi (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Prod by Lee Scott
Bass guitar & leccy guitar by Ali Bla Bla
Filmed with the latest technology
Song taken from #CactusOwlMoonGoat
CD/Digital/Vinyl available to purchase at www.blahrecords.com

Connect with Blah Records:
Website: http://hyperurl.co/6hybr4
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Soundcloud: http://hyperurl.co/4jbu1r
Spotify: http://hyperurl.co/motqss
Bandcamp: http://hyperurl.co/47aitn

© 2014 Blah Records


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  1. I wish lee the success of millions bcus he deserves it but I'm still so happy he's stayed underground and tru too him self for so long proper og respect from the emerald Isle! ✌ 😈 GA🆖 🐐

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