“Let Me Love You” Michael Henderson performance with host D. Cornelius

Heart-stirring performance of top ten hit single, “Let Me Love You!” Interview/ question and answer by host D. Cornelius following performance…

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  1. My mother used to play him when I was really young. She passed away six years ago. Every time I listen to Michael Henderson‘s music, I always think of my mother. Rest in heaven mom. Her favorite songs was in the night time which is a favorite of mine, and of course wide receiver.

  2. The cameramen don't give us a close up until almost 2 minutes into the song. Even then, it is short lived. I don't get a good look at him until the interview with Don.

  3. This song is ageless!!! The lyrics run through my mind all the time. Great LOVE SONG – I won't go away unless you want me to! I'll be your sunlight but if it's cloudy I can't come shining through! Everyone can't comprehend the depth of his writing. To be 26 at the time and feel this deeply. Nothing but expertise! !

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