Lewis Parker & Eastkoast ‎– Mk Ultra : (Operation Hypnosis) (Full Album)

Intro 00:00
All or Nothing 00:45
Hustlin Junkie 04:31
Bank Robbery 08:31
Superior Mc’s 12:09
Eyes Of Gold 16:57
L.A. To New York 20:09
Mentally Stuck 25:04
Mk Ultra 29:25
Prophecy 32:42



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Comment (12)

  1. No Joke…. this program sucks. It has taken away 3 years of my art trying to fight off the hypnosis mind control. I have been shot at with a heart attack gun, a microwave gun for a year. I have had numerous agents and witches stalk me around san francisco trying to hypnotize me along with fake priests in the churches, I have been offered fame, riches, all sorts of crap to sell my soul to kill my art, then comes the third eye shit and spirit sex… it is all demonic. It all kills the soul which kills the artist which kills the art. Why these billionaires can't see this is beyond my understanding. No woman, no artist wants to be mind controlled. It will be the death of their art. It isn't rocket science. I am grateful to see other artists talking about this, for this program NEEDS TO BE STOPPED.

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