Life In Music: 30 Years of Mr Bongo

Life In Music: 30 Years of Mr Bongo

Mr Bongo turned 30 this year and at this milestone we thought it was a good time to reflect on the journey we’ve been on over those years. This short film by Owen Tozer is a portrait of Mr Bongo’s owner and founder, David Buttle. It tells the story of a life in music, and explores the passion and dedication required to sustain it.

Owen Tozer (Film Director) – “I had just started working with Mr Bongo and I think it was catching up on those 30 years and hearing the stories for the first time that triggered the idea of telling the story of the brand. Mr Bongo has come a long way from Dave DJing and selling records from his house and I think it’s a perfect time to tell that story. I’m grateful for the chance to go to Brazil with some of the Bongo crew and see for myself why Brazilian music has been so important. There are so many more anecdotes and details that come out when you spend time with Dave and I think we could have easily made a much longer film. It’s unusual for me to be making a film with so much amazing music to choose from and to have the chance to make a film featuring the Incredible Bongo Band was amazing!”

David Buttle – “I feel very proud of what we have all achieved. I never thought at the start of this journey that I’d still be in the game 30 years on. Owen is a talented film-maker whose vision has shone a light on what we do at Mr Bongo. I would like to thank everyone who has supported Mr Bongo over the years and especially the Bongo team.”

A film by Owen Tozer.

Songs featured:

Song 1 : Miyazawa – Anjos Lramaos (Rainer Truby Remix)
Song 2 : Apache – Incredible Bongo Band
Song 3 : Summertime – Roshinha De Valencia

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  1. This should be 30 minutes at least. Thank you Dave and the rest of the Mr Bongo crew. I would love to work on a new project with you guys. Much love Ted // Abstrakt Soundz

  2. First and MOST importantly, it's nice to see the face of the person who bought the BEST Brazilian music, to the UK, in the 90s. It was of course through KISS FMs PATRICK FORGE, radio show, who credited most of his Brazilian stuff, bought in a shop called MR BONGO, just off Tottenham Court Road. Second, now comes the S….y stuff, or genius stuff depending on your intelligence, it was of course SLAVERY that bought such wonderful mind-blowing music to the Americas, including BRAZIL.
    Did you know, at one point during the slave trade, more slaves were bought to Brazil than to America and the West Indies combined.
    But it you think that's cool, check this out, have you ever wondered WHY the black Americans and black/Portuguese/Spanish, native, Brazilians AND West Indians, ( BOTH B MARLEY and J HENDRIX have AFRICAN HERITAGE, they are both without a doubt, the BEST, at what they do, that is MAKE MUSIC) make the best music the world has and WILL EVER SEE (Its all computers now, lol, you will NEVER see the music made in the 60s and ESPECIALLY the 70s, EVER AGAIN) well here's a pretty good answer.
    The DRC, ie CONGO, just ONE country in AFRICA, is as big as western EUROPE, so everything about AFRICA is pretty big, lol, say no more, you know what I mean, lol. Well, when your ancestors stole over 13 million slaves, they were took from the coast and inland of SENEGAL, all the way down the WEST COAST of AFRICA, to the coast of ANGOLA and its inland, about 500/1000 miles inland.
    So if you look at a map, that's a lot of fu…. g land.
    So that meaaaaaaaaaaaaans the GENE POOL of which all that fantastic BRAZILIAN MUSIC COMES FROM, as well as North American, is a lot lot bigger than EUROPE.
    Which begs the question, was slavery…………you don't think I'm gonna finish that question off do ya, lol, BUT, the music IS SO PROFOUNDLY POWERFUL, and has been the ONLY SOURCE OF TRUE HAPPINESS, its worth posing the question, because let's face it, living in England, if your not white, from a poor background, your truly f…. d, WITHOUT YOUR MUSIC, the only blacks cope with so much paranoia, is by adopting the attitude, if you can't beat them, join them, lol, and they look f….. g stupid doing that, lol. America AND Brazil have massive black populations, and don't have to do that, which is also the reason their music is UNDILUTED BLACK HEAVEN, I'm off for a spliff, some rum and coke, and lots and lots of FUNK. Hey, if you can't DANCE, your not allowed IN.

  3. 30 years is such an achievement and I know my record shelves would be a lot lighter if they hadn't been there! Great messages in the video as well, now more than ever we need more caring, sharing and positive vibes. Congratulations 🙂

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