Lil happy lil sad – October 17 (Legendado)

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Música – Lil happy lil sad – October 17 w 4ever Falling & Poppy Tears (LEGENDADO)


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Comment (34)

  1. english lyrics:

    [Verse 1: 4ever falling]
I keep on thinking bout the things you've said
And how you've hurt me
I keep on thinking bout the scars you've made
And how it taught me
Not to listen to a thing you say if we're gonna last
And to forget about the things I've listened to in the past
I keep on trying to forget what you've told me
I keep on trying not to cry when you hold me
I keep on trying to stay strong when I'm lonely
But I'm dying on the inside like the old me

[Verse 2: lil happy lil sad]
I'm waking up and I break down
Drugs up my nose and I go numb
I'm off the dope like all the time
I feel I'm slowly going dumb
Pick me up when I'm fallin'
I'll pay you back when I'm balling
Don't wanna die but death is calling
You know how I am, I go all in
I know I shatter to pieces
Smokin' some weed as I'm weeping
Smoking the weed like I need it
I try to live ion feel it
Seems like I'm rather in pieces
Than tryna work on my issues
I'm second guessing my feelings
I'm not even sure if I'm living

    [Verse 3: poppy tears]
All of these chemicals have got me cray
[?] so you know it's lit
Leave a broke hoe, snap anything
Say goodbye to my bones and intelligence
When i'm gone I can't feel a thing
Semi-trash you should fucking quit
I've had enough of it
Recording off of it
They wanna tour, I want the neck
Close the door and hit the
You wanted more but I'm a wreck
I'm packing up my thoughts
I'm sending my bros on tour
I'm off again

  2. Lil 🙂 Lil 🙁 Nem Tinha Tanto Conhecimento,Isso Que Já Escuto As Musicas Dele Quando Tinha 1K De Views,E Hj O Cara Aparece Até Aq No Canal Do King sz Ta Brabo

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