Lil Peep – Belgium (Live in Atlanta @ The Loft 11/07/17) reupload :(

sony took this off my channel 🙁 reupload sorry guys. i love u, long live gus


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  1. You can hear that pain on his voice and see it on his eyes it's pretty fucking sad..
    I wish someone saved u Gus when u always were saying that you were going to die young…😔💔
    Imma die and I ain't even 25
    Imma die young imma get kill
    I'm not gonna be here for the next year so let's laugh a lil before I'm gone 😭😭😭😭💔💔💔💔💔

  2. He performed 2 unreleased songs at this performance in Atlanta, search up "needle" and/or "Styrofoam" long live the legend you will never be forgotten, lil peep, "everybody say goth boy clit, everybody say thank you next time "

  3. Damn, he seems so tired. He truly had to struggle with something. Not just drugs, it's in his eyes. Not just being high or drunk. But the pain. Sweet little Peep, thinking of you every day. Luv.

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