Lil Wayne – Harden (Official Audio)

Lil Wayne – Harden (Official Audio)


Official audio “Harden” – off the new album ‘Funeral’ available here:

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Katia Temkin

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Comment (23)

  1. I thought Jay Z was the greatest rapper alive but its Lil Wayne Factzzz now I see why Baby didn't want Wayne to drop any music cause he killing the game funeral

  2. Aye Weezy , huge fan since I was a yungin man. Love the new album , I just finished listening to all of your new songs in the album “Funeral” hey look anyways man I’ve been proud of your success since day one and I backed your name back when I was getting picked on and hazed as a kid , anyways look man what I’m trying to say is , I don’t know if you’ll even read my comment but I’d love to meet you and wouldn’t want anything from you but a day with you just to kick it like we homies and smoke some smoke maybe. I’m sure you wouldn’t need it but I’d pay your airfare or mine to come see you. I’m sure all your fan base and your wife and kids keep your pretty preoccupied so even a reply would mean a lot man. Thanks for the 🔥 album bro.

  3. People shit on Wayne now but praise C3 when this literally sounds exactly like something he made for C3 lol. I hate the internet sometimes. Album is hard, and there’s no doubting it.

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