Lil Wayne – Mama Mia

Lil Wayne – Mama Mia (Official Music Video)


Official music video by Lil Wayne performing “Mama Mia” – off the new album ‘Funeral’ available here:

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Video Director: Mike Ho
Video Producer: Leslie Terrero
for Cinema Giants

#LilWayne #Funeral #MamaMia

Music video by Lil Wayne performing Mama Mia. © 2020 Young Money Records, Inc.

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Comment (23)

  1. These dudes are a trip its amazing these boys hate wayne so bad they want to talk about his dreds if u a guy u should care about this man hair only people should are females. Sad he rapping like his losing his mind and the only thing these dudes are complaining about his hair get a life🤔

  2. This is opinion NOT fact, but I feel like he’s definitely throwing shots at Kevin Gates. They’ve had a rocky past when Wayne attempted to sign him and Gates turned it down. Wayne had him blacked balled in the industry & that’s what he referred to by saying “ You lost your Apple Card now how you gonna pay?” Plus the whole “your life is a movie, my life a movie” is a reference to an older Kevin Gates song. Then you got the girl rapper portraying herself as Wayne which could be related to the conspiracy that Young MIA was Kevin Gates body double and carrying out his career while he’s still in jail. Wayne’s the master of metaphors and went to college for psychology.

  3. It very important when you love your self more than you love anotherthe thing about the other you have care for them like you your self would for I person look at there boundaries limit them

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