Lin Que featuring MC Lyte – Let It Fall

When Hip Hop was True!


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  1. I like female mc's of the late 80's and , the decade of the (1990's) . Because the so called female rappers O's the past 18 years of the (2000's) today theses both he's like Niki & Cardi and Iggy. Are garbage on the mic they shouldn't be put an a panel and be called mc's rappers or even Hip Hop. They just doing it for sponsoring fan base. In other words to me they whack . If they existed in the 90' female mc's back then would have tore their soul one mic & stage in a battle to shreds.

  2. Yo Lin, u should drop a single n let these cats kno what it do with real hip hop. Much luv, been bumping your joints for a long time and admire you as an Emcee and person. Wordbond

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