Little Simz Covers Daughter’s ‘Youth’ in the 1Xtra Live Lounge

Hot for 2015 artist Little Simz covers Daughter’s ‘Youth’ in the 1Xtra Live Lounge for Trevor Nelson

Full Hot for 2015 list here –


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  1. I like Daughter, but this one here is so raw i like it even more than the original. You can feel the emotion put in by little simz and moreover the combination of her rap parts and her raw singing is awesome!
    Keep it up little simz.

  2. people who don't get this 1) don't understand the concept of a cover and 2) have a very limited lens on music

  3. Yo Daughter fans GTFO this is a cover. A cover is meant to be to put your own twist on it. Don't see you guys doing what Simz is doing, simply because you can't. Stop being narrow minded.

  4. absolutely awful, and I don't usually bother to write negative comments. The ''singing'' parts were terrible, and the rap doesn't even go with the song and feels totally disjointed. Not a fan

  5. Do the artists choose their live lounge covers or do their management handle their choices as somewhat of a challenge for the artist. them? I'm curious. Anyway, this is interesting.

  6. Destroyed. Absolutely and utterly raped this song. How could you let someone with a moronic name like "Little Simz" cover this masterpiece. She get her name from an EA game?

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