(live) 3rd Bass Reunion Show in NYC

(live) 3rd Bass Reunion Show in NYC

Recorded live @ SRB Brooklyn 7.12.13

Courtesy of grandgood, Sucio Smash and High Water Music

Give the gift of music. Check out this old school hip hop gear…


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  1. Thanks for the Clip…
    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think they were going on some sort of "Tour", but only did 2 shows… Too bad, would love to see these guys live…

  2. 3:40 When Pete Nice mentions Subroc(R.I.P), he goes over to someone who points to the skies, is that guy related to Subroc and Zev Love X/MF Doom??

    Also, they needed MF Doom/Zev Love X to come out and do his verse…"Cash Or Credit For Unleaded At Sunoco"

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