LL Cool J Interview – Old School HipHop 1986

Interview with LL Cool J in his old neighbourhood for dutch Television (by Marcel Vanthilt). Old School Hip-Hop – Broadcast of 1986 by VPRO.


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  1. OMG! I'm a fan since 1987 due to the intro of "I need love" heard on the car radio on the way to the movies where I told ALL to SHUT UP!, as it was just one of those songs that I just GOT to hear. I want to hear this song so shut up! Don't remember the movie but I remember the first time I heard his song on the radio. When I heard his voice, OMG! I love him even more! When I saw him, OMG!!! those beautiful brown eyes!

    Anyway, doing some research on Ancestry.com only to find out that my paternal grandfather owned a house 3 minutes from LL's grandparents house many years earlier. I knew they lived in Brooklyn way back in the day, but I had no idea they also lived in Queens.

  2. hell yea! i'd rather dress up like in the old school the dressing up all thugish with thier saggy pants and hoodies looking for trouble and shit.

  3. Eazy E was has been easy e since atleast 86….boyz n da hood was released as a single in 86/87…believe or not hip hop in the east only pre dates its west coast counterpart by a year or two if that…hip hop spread like wild fire…even the south was getting it in by the early 80s

  4. wow that verse he spit in the beginning wasnt heard on record till 1988 on "bigger and deffer" LP atleast thats the first time i heard it cuzz i never saw this interview

  5. Wow im seeing the real time 1980s!! the mf 80's! its crazy because this interview was done a decade before I was born haha. That is just crazy weird. Every decade existed at some point. This was 28 years ago…but it does really feel or look like it really. The only differences are the cars and the clothes.

  6. It's not the LA Rapper "Eazy E". It is LL's Friend and Hype Man "E-Love" that LL names Easy E. I guess the LA Rapper wasn't known before 1988 and this is 1986!

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