Lo-fi Hip Hop Type Beat by Mount Fuji Dropouts ☯ Meet Me At The Park ☯ Chilled Lofi Instrumental

World Premiere! Lo-fi Hip Hop Type Beat by Mount Fuji Dropouts ☯ Meet Me At The Park ☯ Chilled Lofi Instrumental

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Meet Me At The Park is the latest world premiere lo-fi instrumental song and video here at Chilled Lofi.

It’s a fun messed up lo-fi beat with a warbly wobbling lead line and haunting melody that will follow you around for days.

The mind bending video features gorgeous Japanese elements including sakura cherry blossoms, koi pond fish and delightful images of the parks of our minds. Chill visuals to match the chilled beats make this a must see many times video ( I watched it 5 times in a row!)!

This lofi hip hop type beat is the bomb! The brand of lo-fi hip hop these Mount Fuji Dropouts deliver is unique but absolutely lofi!

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❤ Original New Music in this Video by: Mount Fuji Dropouts

❤ Original Visuals and Artwork by: Chilled Lofi

Song Download: (coming soon)

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Enjoy the chilled lo fi music!

❤ Stay Chill! ❤

Chilled Lofi

We love instrumental music lofi hip hop!

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  1. This video was fun to make! Hope you like it! The song Meet Me At The Park by Mount Fuji Droputs is addictive. It stays with you. Hope u like it 🙃 Stay Chill! Chilled Lofi

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