London Posse – How’s Life in London (1993)

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Comment (49)

  1. Now I know wy there's to many stamping and killing in London. Looking them celebrating bad behaviour. brain is dead from smoking weed .who dump can get

  2. Nice reference to the TV Series Banacek at about 0:50 .Banacek was an American detective TV series starring George Peppard that aired on the NBC network from 1972 to 1974.

  3. London posse were refreshing to hear two dudes not yankifying their accents and also drop some patwois in there too. Rodney and Bionic compliment each so well. top tune.

  4. its mad how over time not much has changed in london street fashion cuh some of the ppl in the back of this vid look like sumn ud see in a grime or drill video , mad how we keep up our uk trends

  5. i remember gunshot too white bwoy ritz. saw them live ,true uk hiphop, hiphop is still alive….. feeling roots manuva if you havent heard look it up …👍

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