Long Run Short Catch [Full Jamaican Movie]

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Long Run Short Catch © 2015 introduces the act of one friend betrayal that results in an ongoing blood shed. When vision decides that money is more important than friendship and even brotherhood; he causes a ripple effect of mass murders. As money’s deprived, deals cancelled and lives taken; no one finds the real root of the problem. In the end, the thirst for money prevails all.

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  1. every movie from yard is wicked and evil and yard no really tan so is just the entertainers and idiot people when will we see something good and positive

  2. This is not Jamaica..there for it's not a jamaican movie it's a American movie trying to be jamaicans..saying the same word over and over again..they need more work on the layouts..before filming again

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  4. Movie was okay I just enjoy watching my people do their own thing I think all these movies are good I enjoy every last one of them I give them all a props even though it's the wrong message to Rodney kill sell dope still dope which I guess you have to do what you got to do to get money huh

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