LoopTroop- Fort Europa

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Learn how to write a hit rap song

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idk how to spell the songs name XD im so retarded


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  1. Well as a rather faitfull promoe fan (from sweden) if thath matters ^^ This song is a spit in the face of you nationalists so stop listening to looptroop if you harbor those values. This is not your music.

  2. Europa where I can't find a culture? Well this is fucked up, I listened for one hour looptroop , but now I doubt I am gonna listen again

  3. Illegal immigration is not a solution. Rather it would be a more sustainable solution if countries who plundered others (and first of all the central banks) gave back what they owe, send every man back to his home with a piece of land and money. Now that is an Utopia for you 🙂 But yeah, immigration to richer countries solves nothing in the long run but is inevitable since the rich countries only got rich by exploiting the poorer ones. So it's like national karma. And not to forget (google theese) fractional reserve lending, debt based money, tax slavery and the central banking system established almost all over the world, except in the so-called evil countries. Check it out! Movies to check out for further information are Thrive (2013), We feed the World (2005), Alphabet (2013), The World According to Monsanto (2008) and Planting the Future/Les moissons du futur (2012). And above all, use your head and  be critical of any information. Check cross-references. Follow the money! One love and all the best! <3

  4. You are pretty sure that they are glad not be American ? Maybe so but why are they then rapping in an American accent if they are distancing themselves from America ? You make absolutely NO sense whatsoever. It matters not how others who have commented try and dress this up. You all just do not get it and it cracks me up 🙂

  5. Are you stupid mate? They're not taking on an accent. When Swedish ppl are thaught English we have to learn something called pronunciation. After school Swedes doesnt speak English to eachtoher so the only English input you get after school is through american music, videos etc etc. Do you understand why they have an accent? I can assure you they're not trying to be someone they're not, and I'm pretty sure they're glad not to be American…

  6. What I was initially going to write, was that this is how Swedish people sound when they rap/sing in English. We can't help it. We're fed American English from a very early age, and that's how we end up sounding when speaking English…

  7. all except slang, but you would like to have 100 years old english. that we still gettting teached on the track. goodf for you

  8. i see you from spain, you know its probably easier for the one you think is try hard, to have the accent he have than it is to try have a swedish english accent wtf?

  9. dude, sweds have epic english accent, you must be swedish to put a comment out like that. they are not trying to sounds english they do it man

  10. My point is is that they are trying to be something they are not, clearly. If you are from Sweden then rap in Swedish and if you feel that you are limiting yourself then rap in English but do so using the accent god gave you not someone elses as it always sounds corny. The percentage of white folks trying to fit in by taking on black haircuts, accents and slang and dress sense just fucking kills me. Be yourself no matter what and you will find other colours will give you respect quicker

  11. What's wrong with their accents? As for dreads, it's a hairstyle, man. Are you one of those that want "whites" to be "white" and "blacks" to be "black"? Seriously don't get how it cracks you up :

  12. These dudes crack me up. They are some confused individuals. Rapping in an american accent, dreadlocks, self loathing clowns.

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