Loota – Kurai Bright feat. Vito Foccacio

Produced by A$AP P On The Boards & Omar Guetfa
Directed by Jimmy Regular
Edited by Garcia Quintero

Loota New Album「Gradation」販売サイト



Loota / Gradation

1. Aoi Sora (Prod. by Sam Tiba)
2. Mirror feat. KOHH (Prod. by Clibbo)
3. Another Card (Prod. by Ikaz Boi)
4. 回転木馬のデッド・ヒート feat. mojomossomen (Prod. by Ikaz Boi)
5. Endless feat. KOHH (Prod. by Ronny J)
6. Kurai Bright feat. Vito Foccacio (Prod. by A$AP P On The Boards &
Omar Guetfa)
7. Flying Pig feat. mojomossomen (Prod. by Ikaz Boi, Myth Syzer & Sam Tiba)
8. Anywhere (Prod. by Loota)
9. One feat. Charity (Prod. by Clibbo)
10. Good Night feat. YTG (Prod. by 理貴)
11. Keep My Family Close (Prod. by Sam Tiba & Canblaster)


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