L’Orange & Kool Keith – The Wanderer (Official Video)

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Official music video for “The Wanderer” by LOrange & Kool Keith.
Download on iTunes: http://radi.al/iPZO
Download on Amazon: http://radi.al/4ptU
Download on Google Play: http://radi.al/zO6FPAc

“The Wanderer is another chapter in the time traveling epic ‘Time? Astonishing!’ Kool Keith narrates a man out of time, gathering data for his sciences. Directed by Jon Webb, The Wanderer is the first video from the upcoming collaboration coming July 24, 2015”


Directed by Jon Webb
Edited by Jon Webb & Zach Kashkett
Costume Design by Whitney Oppenheimer

All Songs Produced by L’Orange
Vocals by Kool Keith
Mixed by Seiji Itaru Inouye
Mastered by Eric at Studio A
Executive Produced by Michael Tolle



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  1. So happy I just discovered L'orange… That piano sample of sooo fucking dope. Perfect for Kool Keith I have to say.

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