Lord Jamar Responds to Eminem Saying He’s the Weakest Link in Brand Nubian (Part 2)

Lord Jamar Responds to Eminem Saying He’s the Weakest Link in Brand Nubian (Part 2)

Part 3: https://youtu.be/LlRJolzAvLQ
Part 1: https://youtu.be/dq7zAeJN3VI
In this clip, Lord Jamar reacts to Eminem’s verse about him while simultaneously taking shots at him. Lord Jamar said that he’s unscathed after Em’s diss and believes he lives “rent-free” in the Detroiter’s mind. Lord Jamar also took issue with Eminem calling him the weakest link in Brand Nubian.

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Comment (40)

  1. No matter what this fool said. In the history of hip hop eminem will always be there. All the people around the world are not white there are lot of different races around the world who can relate more to eminem then alot of black Rapper. It hurt they ego that white boy is much better than they are fact 😂

  2. Vlad is a fuckin kiss ass to any rapper he has on his interviews. He plays both sides of the fence. Who the fuck is bumping lord jamar trash nowadays? No one lol

  3. Jamar is big mad…hahaha…he the saltiest MF walking right now…quick someone spit a hot 16 that Jamar put out……………………………yep just as I thought…T.R.A.S.H. phuckin punk mad cuz he missed is chance to shine back in the day…

  4. He talkin all this stuff and he wasn't even relevant when his group was poppin. Dude is a sad ass depression case 😂😂
    Eminem, greatest of all time, facts💯👌🏽
    Lord Jamar? Never even heard of him until this whole thing came up. Looked him up and listened to tracks, still found trash

  5. Yo dont be a bitch! Give props where the props are due! step up and recognise the true lyricall GOAT! Fuck your government housing and put your skills to the test and do your 10 bars to 1000 bars and at the end of the day RESPECT HIP HOP! AND TAKE YOUR L! Be a man STAN!!! 1 luv my brotha????

  6. just finaLLy watched it & Laughed my ass off at him cLowning eminem’s traiLer park ass. u aLL bitches for being on eminem’s dick. Jamar doin fine & Laughing at Feminem

  7. ''Nobody listens to your fucking shit.''

    Is he aware that Eminem is the best selling rapper of all-time?

    ''Nobody listens to him in the hood.''

    How did this guy do this research? Did he do a poll in the hood? Also, why does it even matter? Is the hood the main barometer if something is good? Eminem being the best selling artist, getting praise from people like Rakim and Jay Z isn't enough? Being discovered by Dr. Dre wasn't enough?

    What a weird dude.

  8. You right they don't play him in the hood …. Cus they play him all around the world my nigga ……Lord jamar ain't shit ….,………the hood is for bitches and snitches

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