Lord Tariq, Peter Gunz – Déjà Vu (Uptown Baby) (Album Version)

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Lord Tariq & Peter Gunz’ official music video for ‘Déjà Vu (Uptown Baby)’. Click to listen to Lord Tariq & Peter Gunz on Spotify: http://smarturl.it/LTPGSpot?IQid=LTPGDV

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New York niggaz got crazy game
But outta town niggaz is all the same
Brooklyn niggaz get crazy loot
That’s because when it’s beef, they ain’t scared to shoot

Harlem niggaz know how to play
Mack the 600, gettin’ crazy pay
Niggaz outta Queens got shit on lock
Strapped with the glock, runnin’ up in yo’ spot

But if it wasn’t for the Bronx
This rap shit probably never would be going on
So tell me where you from? Uptown, baby, uptown, baby
We gets down, baby, up for the crown, baby
We gets down, baby, up for the crown, baby
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Comment (47)

  1. In the corner
    Of my eye
    I saw you in Rudy's
    You were very high
    You were high
    It was a cryin' disgrace
    They saw your face
    On the counter
    By your keys
    Was a book of numbers
    And your remedies
    One of these
    Surely will screen out the sorrow
    But where are you tomorrow
    I can't cry anymore
    While you run around
    Break away
    Just when it
    Seems so clear
    That it's
    Over now
    Drink your big black cow
    And get out of here
    Down to Greene Street
    There you go
    Lookin' so outrageous
    And they tell you so
    You should know
    How all the pros play the game
    You change your name
    Like a gangster
    On the run

  2. I recall hearing sumthin of an Ice Cream truck version of the sample in the beginning back in the 90's on a track. I dnt quite remember what it was. As I was young 🤨🤔

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