Lowkey ft. Mai Khalil – Letter to the 1% [Music Video] | Link Up TV

Lowkey makes his debut on the channel with the brand new music video to his latest offering ‘Letter to the 1%’ featuring serial collaborator Mai Khalil.

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Produced by Sandhill

Directed by Ahmed Twaij

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Comment (50)

  1. The third world keeps having 6 plus babies per person which has caused over population keep this save the world propaganda up wll have 20 billion people in the planet eventually and everything will calapse

  2. So all this stuff about pretty much non white, non European people and horrible things that happend to black people, asians, muslims and all

    Why didnt tall about the Armenian Genocide?

    The persecution of catholics in england around Elisabeth the 1 first?

    The hundreds of people enslaved by muslims?

    Terrorist attacks by them?

    Any of the time countless times Irish-Catholics were murderd and raped an land taken away from them?

    The African World War?

    Or the Crusades?

    Or the white South African crisis?

    Or just any mass nonstrosity in history that doesnt fit your narrative? Huh? Oh thats right because you only care about pushing a narritive, making one set of people look bad, yea fuck you and your bs.

    We can only get along if we acknowledge shit happened on all sides and move forward as people. Not forgetting our history, culture, and such, Live In Harmony.

  3. Tru say English rappers and drill artists have very cold lyrics and wordplay and they can rap about something and make it so interesting

  4. POWER and glory to the almighty ALLAH ,who's watching those 1 per cent by set them a fuel of fire .
    ; big respect for you khay lowkey, a man with a meaning ; shining for the right purpose ; keep keeping on .casablanca .morocco.

  5. Kids knowing apple products before that even know what an apple is!!! Spot on.
    Low-key when is your next tour date gotta come see you live again never forget the 1st time I see you live nothing like it the atmosphere is positive as fcuk

  6. Lowkey you will always be the best in the game. I honestly think your better than Eminem. I say that because as a rapper your awareness and understanding about this reality is there. True wisdom comes from our awareness and we can see that when you write compassionate lyrics, compare to most of the rappers in today's society. I believe every artist can learn a thing or two from you.

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