Lowkey – Neoliberalism Kills People [20/20]

Lowkey – Neoliberalism Kills People [20/20]

Produced by Sandhill
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    [Naomi Klein]
    The American civil rights activist and philosopher Cornell West says justice is what love looks like in public. And, so what I wrote is that neoliberalism is actually what lovelessness looks like in public. That now, after four decades of these policies and… the reason that I say the book came out on June 12th is that just one week later was the Grenfell Tower fire. And, you know, I feel like this catastrophe, right, this crime really, in so many ways, is the ultimate symbol of that lovelessness as policy, of that neglect – that systematic neglect and systematic discrimination. But also of that hollowness, that you're asking about, right, because of this extraordinary cruelty of this investment in the image. Like the investment in the aesthetic in sharp contrast to the divestment, the inside of the interior, right?

    [Verse 1]
    How can I do a fire in the booth, when I'm trying just to maintain
    And since June don't hear the word fire in the same way?
    Heard screams, splutters and them gasping for air
    That’s not bars in a booth it’s so hard to compare
    If I use fire as metaphor
    Does that disrespect the people that are never more?
    How does that bomb sound sound to those that bled in war, that we never saw?
    Remember when they settled scores with metal swords like Skeletor
    Chinese made gun powder, Nobel invented dynamite
    They say the guilt in his mind compelled him to design the prize
    We know what Einstein's mind was like
    How many geniuses we never knew that were deprived of life?
    I can't philosophise on horrifying flames
    We don’t have to apologise or qualify our pain
    De-Grenfellise our loved ones of the colonisers name
    Should we let the corporate media lobotomise our brains?
    You are beautiful, no matter how this life disfigures you
    You’re beautiful even if that image you emulate isn't you
    I don’t know if history is linear or cyclical
    But know I’m ridiculed for making invisibles visible
    That's why Plato said banish poets from the republic
    ‘Cause they know that we can shake the social system and disrupt it
    The land of liberty, they tell us leave it or lump it
    When Trump comes to the country we hope he chokes on his crumpet
    Before we sink in the ocean, consider this as a omen
    Nature's blessings aren't ours just ‘cause we think that we own them
    Never think that you're broken, or think that you're no one
    Remember a rope is strong because of strings interwoven

    [Hook x2]
    Where love dies
    Where love dies
    Where love dies
    So neoliberal

    [Verse 2]
    Would they love you more if you mock the people that you're from
    Self-orientalise and believe that you belong?
    Overcompensate and propagate the image of the imbecile?
    Not uninvolved even though you're further from the killing field
    Take solace in the fact there's always cracks in the monolith
    Practically lobbing bricks like Asterix and Obelix
    Distracted with gossip it's twisted news an interlude
    To adverts no hidden clues to listen to it's pitiful
    Rosa Luxemburg gave us this simple truth
    You won't feel your chains till the day you begin to move
    He photographed a corpse and they flung him in the cage
    Those that signed off on the cladding are still receiving their wage
    Helicopters hovered close, pictures of the front page
    Tried to speak all I really felt deep was numb rage
    How could they see this pain at such a young age
    Leaning out the window, screaming for help but none came?
    If it bleeds it leads, trauma tourists they gravitate
    Shock doctrine in effect, disaster capitalists salivate
    Privatisation, deregulation and austerity
    To zero-hour contracts, exploitation and precarity
    Adults didn't make it, children to be
    Saved pennies on the block, dropped 20 million on the opera
    We see through your cold plans, your programme is done
    We don't want a Prime Minister that holds hands with Trump
    We don't want DJs doing shows on military compounds
    Can't trivialise fire or hear any more bomb sounds
    How can I smile when I know the remains are still not found
    And echoing in my mind is exactly how the sobs sound?

    [Hook x2]

    [Verse 3]
    They say we're criminals for the syllables and stanzas
    When they subsidise the killers tools, the pillagers and bankers
    Who are the engines of history, people like me and you
    Who got massacred for the right to vote at Peterloo?
    It was imagineers, the poets and the artists
    The miners, Tolpuddle Martyrs, William Cuffay and the chartists
    Rebel and resist even through something small
    Create windows with words and mirrors where once were walls
    Manure contributes to the beauty of a rose
    Why can't we accept our pain as something that helps us grow
    They wonder why songs that make you cry are more moving
    ‘Cause crying's the only thing that we were born doing
    They tell us tea is tradition to the English
    When I look around this island not a tea plantation in it
    Earl Gray gave 20 million to the slave traders
    Multi-polar world now the Indians are space raiders
    Freedom to be even or merely alienate labour
    Freedom for fossil fuellers to desecrate and invade nature
    Albert was an immigrant, Phillip is an immigrant
    Were the Celts, Normans and the Anglo-Saxons English, then?
    The words sugar, cotton and rice come from Arabic
    Now we import democracy to civilise the Saracens
    Analysing planets when this back water was wilderness
    It seems we're still obsessed with immortality like Gilgamesh
    Pessimism of intellect, optimism of will
    Wear the skin of their victims it's syndrome Buffalo Bill
    In times of permanent war there's always someone to kill
    But when life and death are virtual almost nothing is real

    [Hook x2]

    [Outro x5]
    Neoliberalism kills people, kills people
    Neoliberalism kills people, real people
    Neoliberalism kills people, kills people

    Source: https://genius.com/Lowkey-neoliberalism-kills-people-lyrics

  2. Truly, he is ine of the 2 artists, whise content i would pay for.

    Lowkey and akala, are the physical manifestations of lyrical revolutionaries, changing the way of elite established world perception.

    These brothers have been blessed with powers all of us take for granted, individualism and exercising their free will how THEY want.

  3. this song spoke to me on so many levels… just thank you Lowkey for another masterpiece
    I'm truly moved and glad that you're alive and strong for those who aren't. I celebrate your music as a legendary live history that enfolds right before my eyes and I'm loving it in words I can't quite express. Thank you for truth and real life feelings it is more than appreciated.
    Greetings from Switzerland, much love

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