Lumi vs Rubix | Final hiphop | PosiMind Battle 2019

PosiMind Battle IV
07.04.2019 à Vevey Switzerland

Lumi (SOW) vs Rubix (Criminalz)
Final hiphop

Juges hiphop
Mams Goku – Swissallstyler
Valmira – The Cage
Dimension – The Alchimists/ Kulture Kids

Biig Silva



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Comment (23)

  1. I will never understand limo’s style of dance same with icee. I could understand more with icee though but rubix definitely got robbed

  2. Last round Rubix took because what he did was too fresh for mankind but then coming back to routes and judges (era of dancing) I think that's where the new generation lack they think… But it's alright to loose and be hero sometimes Rubix but we should also give it up to lumi.. He did great too…

  3. Mano como assim o Rubix perdeu??? Esses juízes tão na Disney, não é possível! A mesma coisa ta acontecendo com o Waydi, ja foi roubado 2 vezes no Summer dance forever e agora no Just Debout.

  4. I really am trying to understand why Lumi wins in this battle while watching it. I can understand him taking the first round, rubix was a little all over the place conceptually, and I couldn't really follow the story he was telling, but maybe that was the camera. Lumi was very solid and connected with the music a little better than rubix, with moves that made more sense with the style.

    This second round though. Rubix was clear all the way through what he was telling and was great at it. I'm watching Lumi's round and I'm seeing some, but not a lot of anything connecting with me.

    Maybe it's because I'm a criminalz fan, but I'm so used to seeing stuff like paradox or waydi being generally accepted as better in battles, in terms of how to dance to the music. Dancing to the rhythm is especially less prevalent nowadays because of a wide variety of music that just doesnt work with the style. I think people have made musicality popular and then forgot about the very long period of time where that kind of dancing didnt really happen. This however, does not change my opinion.

    From what I see in this battle so far, Lumi is performing at a high level, but especially not on the level rubix is on. I do see similarities between Lumi and Icee, which may be another problem with me (and the general population of hip hop watchers), is that rhythmic dancing is still very much a thing and is not to be messed with, even if you yourself cant grasp what they're doing. I will edit this after I'm done watching the battle but I'm sure my opinion wont change too much.

    Edit: As predicted opinion hasn't changed. I actually felt my eyes wondering off of the screen during Lumis round. Not really sure where and how the decision was made.

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