Lutan Fyah – Perfect Storm [Official Video 2017]

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  1. "procrastinating all the while, then yo sick an yo feel the feeling of insufficiency, with a spiff pon yo lip, a boom draw sensi, harvest is few but the reffers are plenty"- real knowledge comming from a real rastaman, legalize to rise and be wise not to abuse, control, hype and hypnotize. Jah rastafari👊

  2. Reminds me of the message Freddie McGregor sang in his classic tune Jogging. A different style, but similar musical production quality and innovation. Great tune here, this will surely stand the test of time.

  3. The colonial system infiltrated our people mind, the majority will always fail to accept these great an positive music. Well put together single mi artist, bless up👊🏿

  4. I was listed buying to this when a " category 5 Hurricane" was bout to hit palm beach. My old friend came in the house I neglected to listen to any bad vibrations and problems surrounding me. We were on different vibes here left my house. 🦋🙏

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