M-Phazes – For What It's Worth feat. Solo

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  1. @MrGibbons Senior, atmosphere is a group. Slug is the rapper and the producer is ant. Rhymesayers is the record label. 🙂

  2. If anyone want's to know Some other good Hip hop artists Ill leave a few.
    # 1:Immortal Technique (by far one of my favorite lyricists, from Peru originally, moved to Harlem and moved 400,000 demo tapes by hand/family's hand's)
    #2 Jedi Mind Tricks, Not much to say about them other than 85% of normally every album is fantastic.
    #3 Atmosphere: Great rapper, produced by Ryhmsayers. Born in Minnesota, lots of great instruments weaved in his raps.

    there's just a few as I'm rather detailed! XD

  3. @kcwill913 yeah man, cos all talented aussies need to go to USA to make it? I saw him at Sprung festival yesterday and alot of people came running into the mosh as soon as he came on. i think hes pretty big here in Australia…

  4. I listen to a lot of different hip-hop…from OFWGKTA to Saigon to Das Racist; but this Aussie shit has got a nice feel to it…I'm diggin it!!

  5. @TsukiMagick Well said man, I'm Aussie but I just love dope hiphop, I don't care what country it comes from.
    What sort of a hiphop fan would I be to turn my nose up at Saigon, Brother Ali, Talib Kweli etc etc just because they aren't Aussie? lol some people are crazy.

    BTW Solo just got tagged by Eso in the latest rappertag video, so keep your eye out for Solo's vid soon. Eso's was pretty good, worth checkin out.

  6. So sick of every single oz hip hop track having the exact same back and forth discussion comparing oz hip hop to American. please, think of something new to say, or just stick to something relevant to the song.
    I am American and I think what it is is that good hip hop in Australia is a lot more well known where as in the states you have to go underground to get anything with some soul.

    That being said, M-Phazes kills it every time and Solo always comes out with some real emotion. love it!

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