M9 – Fire In The Booth

M9’S 1st Fire In The Booth with Charlie Sloth.

:: Charlie Sloth ::
➤ http://youtube.com/CharlieSloth
➤ http://facebook.com/CharlieSloth
➤ http://instagram.com/CharlieSloth
➤ http://twitter.com/CharlieSloth
➤ http://soundcloud.com/CharlieSloth
➤ SnapChat – CharlieSloth
➤ http://charliesloth.com


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  1. all i have to say is its been 6 years wheres the part 2? Does Anyone Else Agree ? Come on sloth, get man back up in the booth , next week ill be waiting to see him all the way over here in Tempe, Arizona USA. Please charlie man is counting on you.

  2. Why wasn't sloth running his mouth during this ? wheres the sf sound effects wheres the perfect wheres anything was sloth even in the room tho? its a shame tho that this shit here was presented like m9 was just in the building n they let him spit just cus he was there wheres the respect for the lyricism . i dont respect charlie on this one . he should take it down its not presented right .. everyone go n download m9s shit personally from his website or add him on fb or something if you love him you will find him sloth getting paid off of poor presentation fuck that . 

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