Machine Gun Kelly freestyle – Westwood

Yeah bitch yeah bitch! MGK in the building droppin’ a *HOT* freestyle only on Tim Westwood TV! BIG!


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  1. He just said he smokes wood. Fuckin lil bitch, its plain as day when he's spittin shit that he already had wrote and planned out compared to when he actually does try to freestyle. Fake ass mother fucker

  2. This dude can rap. I haven't heard all that much of his stuff but so far the stuff I have heard I've actually been pretty impressed by. I've been following rap since I was about 8 years old and I am 34 now so I would say I know quite a bit about it. I would say overall eminem is the most skilled out of everybody though. Im not gonna lie but Mgk definitely shows off some of his skills here and is probably the second best white rapper I've heard before just going off from what I've heard so far. Even Royce da 5'9, EMS right hand man and crooked I said he could rap so that's saying something.

  3. Yoooo the moment that second beat came on everyone in the room (5 people) including me was just like "WOOOOOOO" at the same time as mgk

  4. I will gladly catch a case for stalking mgk I swear don't let me get a hold of him omg he can get the business any day anywhere for life omg I am obsessed with the best thing to happen to hip hop and that's the realest talk out there

  5. As an Eminemn fan since his Inception like 1999
    When I was only 12 back when TRL was a thing and Em was even a Rap God back before even he knew

    MGK actually has accually sounds intelligent and tallented…

  6. Lol people praising him for this. Sure its fine, nothing special, probably scripted but whatever. But listen to this then go to Eminem's take on Westwood titled "Eminem biggest ever freestyle in the world" Slim goes fucking off and shits all over MGKs take

  7. You bastards can't even see he's got fucked by westwood with th 2nd track, little fuck even had to explain he's gonna be rubbish compare to, and check westwoods face at the end )))) u say dope?? I don't know what th fuck u listening to 20 years ago tgat was a fuckin ohio garage freestyle. Thats tells about the nowadays quality

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